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Serve overseas with BMS

Short and long-term opportunities with BMS World Mission

24:7 Justice Partners

Become a BMS 24:7 Justice Partner today

Thailand Freedom Bakery appeal

Help to restore dignity and freedom to women trapped in prostitution

Disaster recovery

Help us respond effectively to disasters before they happen.

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Mission blogs

  • Pray for BMS disaster recovery (1 – 7 March)

    Following a serious disaster, communities can find it hard to cope, given the means at their disposal.   ...

    1 day 53 min ago by bms_prayer

  • Pray for IMC (22 – 28 February)

    Our International Mission Centre (IMC) seeks to prepare people for mission.        ...

    1 week 1 day ago by bms_prayer

  • ”Rape me!” says goddess?

    callingkathmandu: Here’s a blog Jenny posted a few weeks ago. Worth following the link to BMS’s important...

    1 week 19 hours ago by Andy and Jenny Saunders

  • Praying without ceasing…?

    We all know the importance of prayer. We follow Jesus, who placed prayer as the heart of his relationship with His Father....

    1 week 2 days ago by Claire-Lise and David Judkins


Baptist Assembly 2015

We are gathering...

Come and join us at the Baptist Assembly in Peterborough. Find out more at

Dignity initiative

Across the world every one of us will have met someone who has been a victim of gender based violence. We just may not know it.

Take a stand against gender based violence. Join the Dignity initiative today.

Prayer of the day: Pray for a speedy end to hostilities in Syria. Find out more in the Prayer Guide.

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