Transforming lives on four continents

  • Syria's Forgotten Families
  • Disaster recovery
  • Serve overseas with BMS

Syria's Forgotten Families

You can do something to help refugees from Syria.

Disaster recovery

Give before it happens.

Serve overseas with BMS

Short and long-term opportunities with BMS World Mission.

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Mission blogs

  • Pray for Church ministries (26 Mar-1 Apr)

    BMS World Mission is committed to the growth of the Church. Pray for evangelistic activity around the world today. May...

    3 days 16 hours ago by bms_prayer

  • Reflection on Psalms 8

    Here is a collection of my reflections on Psalm 8, based on a class presentation at IMC, whilst in training for ...

    3 days 10 hours ago by Dave and Michele Mahon

  • The Enforcer: Part II

    Last month I told you that I’d added ‘Debt Collector’ to my CV and that I’d let you know how it went...

    4 days 10 hours ago by Laura-Lee Lovering

  • “Are seizures contagious?”

    Mozambicans have learnt not to go near someone who is having a fit as it is contagious! This was one question that was...

    5 days 18 hours ago by Sergio and Liz Vilela


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